When dealing with the Canada Revenue Agency, you have the right to understand the tax rules, to plan your life to minimize the taxes you pay, and to be represented by a tax counsel of your choice.

Every taxpayer has the right to be treated fairly by the tax authorities, no matter the situation.

Proper representation can help you protect your interests and avoid costly mistakes.

Knowing your rights and understanding your obligations gives you power.


Our founders interest in tax law started while he was completing his undergraduate degree in accounting. His participation in an income tax project helping low-income and elderly taxpayers brought his passion from knowing how to calculate taxes to understanding how to interpret and apply complex Canadian tax laws for his clients.

Seeing there were few tax lawyers, he pursued his interests through law school, several years of general practice and a specialized master’s program in taxation. At the end of that road, a tax lawyer was born and this law firm was established.

Today, he maintains a focused practice in tax law that helps other law firms, large companies, small businesses, and individuals understand how complex Canadian tax laws affect their daily lives.

His expertise in Canadian tax laws is sought by clients from all over the globe. Bujold P.C. Tax Law is who you want on your side when dealing with complicated tax problems.


Gilles E. Bujold B.A.A, LL.B., TEP

Senior Tax Lawyer

Gilles is an experienced and seasoned tax lawyer with a background in accounting, law and taxation. He has worked as a Canadian tax advisor for major law firms, large companies, small businesses and individuals from across the globe. Clients seek his advice for his capacity to find the winning strategy and focus on what’s important.

Gilles is a go-to expert on Canadian tax law, with his perspectives being featured in leading media outlets such as The Telegraph Journal, Le Devoir, and CBC/Radio-Canada. He has also been a featured speaker for groups such as the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP), the Canadian Tax Foundation and the Canadian Bar Association.


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